Weddings: A Great Place To Meet Men?

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weddings are a great place to meet men

Isn’t it convenient for my dream of dating again and falling in love that I am about to be a maid-of-honor and weddings are the number 1, high-quality singles event in the world? Yes, I am still looking at the many ways a girl can meet a guy.

At the impending wedding reception, I will be seated at the head table, so I’ll certainly have a clear view of all the lovely guests. And any available men.

How does one go about meeting someone at a wedding?

1. The easiest way is to casually ask the groom or bride if there might be any cool single men invited to the wedding.

2. Show up looking your absolute best – go light on the perfume or cologne – get a hair cut – get a manicure, pedicure and make sure your make up is subtle. Take the time to look beautiful and feel your best.

3. Control your eating and drinking behaviors at the reception.

4. Be a nice, warm and outgoing so that men will feel comfortable approaching you when there’s an opportunity. Be casual in your conversation, and leave any negative stories about your past, present or future at home.

5. Smile, dance and have a good time. Catch the bouquet and enjoy the evening.

6. When you meet someone – don’t force chemistry. If it isn’t there it isn’t there. Find out what his likes and dislikes are and try to steer the conversation in that direction.

7. Relax, and have fun. And be there to celebrate the bride and her groom on their amazing day.

And if you do meet someone, remember . . .

1. Pretending to be cool and coy doesn’t make men attracted to you. Take the initiative – say hello!

2. Be genuinely interested in who he is as a person, and try to have as much fun as you can — but don’t fake anything.

3. It is great if you have business cards made with your name, occupation, and a phone number you are okay with being called at (not necessarily your cell number), an email where you can receive personal messages and website if you have one. Have a fun catch phrase such as “Veronica Jacobsen, Professional Blogger and your new best friend”.

4. When the wedding is winding down and it is time to leave, hand him a business card and simply say, “It was nice talking to you, here’s my card.” Or “Here’s my card. Give me a call sometime.” Keep it simple; less is more.

5. Then go home. Leave him wanting more. Remember that either the bride or groom invited him, so you have a way to ask about him after they return from their honeymoon. Maybe they can even have a dinner party and invite the two of you over if he is interested.

Now, I just need to figure out my maid-of-honor speech and I’ll be good to go . . .

” Please raise your glasses while I toast my dearest friend and her new husband:

Take each day and cherish your time together. Love one another and stand together. Take time to talk to one another. Put your love and your family first; your job and your hobbies second. May your love be like the wind, strong enough to move the clouds, soft enough to never hurt, but always never ending. So here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after. Cheers!”



Back to the drawing board?

What are your thoughts about meeting someone at a wedding? How would you handle it? Leave me your comments and any good maid-of-honor toasts you know!


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  • Shani Claire

    Informative post. When it was my friends wedding I had a huge cake, with a cute little figurine on top. It was a really great experience at that wedding, and it gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. Sorry for ranting on about my wedding experience, but your blog post really reminded me of it.

  • Katie

    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often, to the point where my visits are almost daily now! Such great stuff. Sometimes you make me laugh, other times you make me think, and sometimes you even make me cry because I can relate. This is such a cool idea. I met a guy at a wedding once and we dated for three years. Anything is possible!

  • Able

    The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!

  • paul donnelly

    I mostly really do not read articles in blogs but your title forced me to take a look. Why don’t you use your blog posts as a personal ad to men and see what dating hits you get from it?

    • Veronica

      Paul, Expand on that. It sounds interesting.

  • olivia

    When is this wedding so we can hear how it went?

  • Veronica

    I will stand alone on the edge of the dance floor and perhaps someone will take pity on me…. :-)

  • Bookgirl

    My advice is that guys can approach you more easily if you are alone. Also, men can get to you more easily and you’re more visible if you stand, preferably near the dance floor.

  • Remy, photographer/consultant

    I’ve met some pretty interesting people at weddings, single men included.

    I’ve caught the bouquet 3 times, one of those times was a pretty nasty drop down – drag out fight for the flowers. But I prevailed! lol

    I have only given one speech and I struggled with what to say until I held the mic and started talking…and I realized that if you just toast to them what is in your heart, your joy for them as they take on this new life together, your toast will be an incredible blessing!

    I was a wedding planner for a short time in my life. For the most part (for the guests anyway) weddings are fun and joyous and a great place to meet people. The focus is on the love and support of your friends getting married, and with any luck, good food and music as well! Relax and have fun, and if your gut tells you to go up to someone – do it. Start with “hi” and if its right, things will go nicely from there…. :)

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  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Weddings are such fun – especially if you are in them but don’t have to be the bride or the groom.

    You get all the benefits of the bride but you don’t have to say “I do”. ;-)

    I think getting inexpensive business cards that say something cute are a great idea.

    And wedding toasts? Here’s some great wedding toast advice here:

    Have fun! Have someone take a head shot of you! ;-)


  • Toni Schram

    I agree that you have a great chance of meeting someone special at a wedding. Couple (pun intended) that with the fact that you’re the maid of honor. You think highly of the bride and the people she surrounds herself with; therefore bettering your chances of meeting a certain special someone.

    Just be your sunny beautiful self and I’m sure you’ll be leaving a few men happy when you hand them your business card.

    “May your love be like the wind, strong enough to move the clouds, soft enough not to hurt, but never ending”
    is poetic and moving. It should be in a greeting card.

    Good luck~


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