When Opportunity Knocks: Answer The Damn Door

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Comedy Central knocking at the door

What would you do if someone laid a golden dream opportunity in your lap? Would you be able to spot it as a dream opportunity? Or would you pass it off like a hot potato, afraid of what might transpire?

Could you see it as a “gift” and take full advantage of it?

My “gift” would not have been possible if I hadn’t joined this 8womendream family. What a bevy of talented, strong, intelligent women pursuing their dreams while encouraging and supporting the visions of their fellow dreamers.

Catherine, the creator of 8womendream called a meeting. It was hosted by new member Rayne (we only had three blog posts under our belts). Long time dreamers Heather, Lisa, Remy and Veronica rounded out the 8 women team.

The meeting was called to order.

Catherine had us introduce ourselves and tell everyone about our dreams. Boy, it’s one thing to have a dream and hold it close to your heart. It’s quite another to leave yourself vulnerable when you are describing your dream to five women you are meeting for the first time.

Then it was now my turn to tell everyone about my dream to have the comedy screenplay, Divine Intervention produced. Dreamer Remy must have like the concept of the movie because she uttered those magical words,

I have a friend who works for Comedy Central. Would you like me to show him your script?

(Blink, blink, the proverbial light bulb flashes off in my head, this is a golden opportunity . . .)

Wow, what a kind gesture by a brand new friend. I shared a few concepts for TV shows to this room of warm, supportive women. Actually, these concepts would be more in line to what Comedy Central would be looking for rather than the screenplay.

The evening left me feeling empowered and grateful that someone (Remy) who I had just met that night would care enough to help me with my dream. But, I never sent her the script.

There were too many revisions needed to improve on it and make it marketable.

My attention turned to helping my friend re-establish Club B and redesign the website to support it; and as a result, we put off editing of the screenplay. Remy continues to be gracious by offering to show her friend the script. In fact, she notified me that her friend would be in town this weekend and she could deliver the script herself.

I knew the screenplay wouldn’t be appropriate, but the two ideas for TV shows would make outrageous shows for Comedy Central.

We tried to coordinate getting treatments written up before Laurie went away on a road trip.

No luck.

We made the wise decision to ask Remy if we could give her our concepts at a later date. I learned a painful lesson years ago. We got the chance to show my nephew (a producer who worked for Jerry Bruckheimer) to look at our script. It was only 1/2 done. Big mistake.

Never have someone from Hollywood (agents, producers, actors etc) look at your work until it is 100% complete and has been edited to perfection.

Laure and I will recommit to crafting clever well thought out treatments and have Remy deliver them to her friend. One really should take advantage of this opportunity and any other genuine opportunities that comes your way. You never know when another one will come along.

I did learn a few lessons on how to capitalize on an opportunity when it appears.

The article, 6 Factors to Help You Succeed When Opportunity Knocks by George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster of Bigg Success illustrates what you must have in place when opportunity knocks:

1. You have to be in the right place

2. It has to be the right time

3. Recognize that you’re in the right place at the right time

4. You need knowledge of what to do

5. Know how to do what you need to do

6. You need access to the required resources

Has opportunity knocked on your door recently? How did you handle it?


Toni left 8 women dream in November of 2010 to focus on her screenplay and Club B.

  • Thomas Benfield

    this was a very entertaining read. i enjoyed it very much!

  • Synchronicity……when shit lines up right, there’s no stoppin’ it! Taking action is the key. Especially when someone offers you a Golden opportunity. Let’s do IT!
    Nice post Toni……..Thanks Remy.
    Love, Laurie

  • “Embrace your mistakes- it’s part of being human.”

    Amen to that!!!

    I totally trust that you will have the opportunity to share your polished treatments with Remy’s friend -because you will MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    You are reminding me that a few opportunities have landed in my lap lately that I need to pursue – and going to get on that today – and not let them slip past me without giving it my all!

    Let’s all make the most of it and make our dreams come true, together… I like Veronica am SO honored and grateful to be a part of this group of amazing inspiration go-getting women!

    Let’s do it ladies – live our dreams!!!

  • Tony

    Experience is the only real teacher and if you keep a diary you get more chances to educate yourself – when it life happens, when you write it down, and when you reread it, you realize sometimes you were very wrong. Making mistakes is part of life. The only things I would feel ashamed of would be if I had said things I hadn’t believed in order to get friends or date a woman. Embrace your mistakes – they happen every day. It’s what makes you human!

  • Gracia

    I love Jerry Bruckheimer movies…he has an awesome imagination and way of portraying things so realistically!

  • Veronica

    I always knew I was given this incredible opportunity, as time passes and with each post I read it becomes clearer and clearer to me that the women in the dream sisterhood are fabulous incredible women. I am so grateful you are one of us.

    • Toni Schram

      Ditto Veronica! Yes, indeed, we are a dynamic group of incredible women.!

  • Toni Schram

    Sister Remy~I truly feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. Always a supporter and one who is endowed with tons of great advice!

    • Remy, the photographer

      I feel the same Toni! Truly blessed…Rem

  • Remy, the photographer

    Of course I’m gonna help you reach your dreams! we are all in it together sister! lol whenever you are ready just lemme know and Ill make sure to get it in front of him, at the right time…Keep creating! I am glad we are dreamers together. Rem

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    “How will you turn your opportunity into something successful?”

    That is what this blog is all about with ebooks, webinars, a place for visitors to join, newsletters and lectures – all in my plan!

    Oh and some interviews on Ellen and Oprah at some point!


    • Toni Schram

      I’d love for 8womendream to be dancing with Ellen. You know Laurie would dedicate a rap song to her. Unless the stars quickly line up, we might be a little late getting on Oprah. However, she is starting up her own TV
      channel next year…hmmm.

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