Is Your Dream As Cool As Ice Cream?

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Heather’s dream is to share with the world her success at becoming healthy after age 40. Heather lost over 88 pounds through changing her diet and incorporating exercise into her busy life. She would like to take what she has learned about becoming fit after 40, and using her Metabolic Training Certification to help others struggling with weight issues mid-life. Heather’s post day is Monday.
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Welcome to July and National Ice Cream Month!

The heat of summer comes and goes here in Northern California.  Living close to the ocean has its perks along with thick, cold fog.

But the warm days have officially started, and the office is finally hot enough to turn on the fans. The heat (and PMS) made me think about ice cream and dreams.

You remember when you were a kid and heard the ice cream truck coming? You would stop everything and run to get money to make sure you caught that truck.

mmm... ice cream

Here’s a question for you – would you do the same for your dream?

We didn’t have many ice cream trucks showing up at our house stuck in the hills, so my ice cream opportunities were rare.

I remember many summer days hanging with one of my friends, running in the sprinklers, waiting to hear that magic music.

The energy and excitement was amazing, and of course, the reward was cool creamy heaven on a hot day.

Does your dream make you excited?

My favorite part of hearing that truck was trying to figure out where it was coming from by the sound bouncing off the houses. Then there was the mad scramble to find a mom (any mom) with change so we could bounce up and down squealing until she gave up the cash.

Do you know which way your next dream opportunity is coming from?

Running down the street to catch that truck was the best. We were kids, remember? Kids with tons of energy.  I’m sure the driver was thrilled when he finally could give us the treats so we would take our endless girl exuberance back down the street from which we came.

How far and how fast would you run for your dream?

Fast forward to today and hustling toward our dreams on a daily basis.

If you are on the right dream track, you should be excited about your dream. Our goals may differ, but the energy and excitement of seeing that dream come true should be keeping you going. Excited dreamers pay attention to the opportunities which are hidden – and foster the ones knocking on the door.

I may not be able to jet down the street like I used to, but I sure can follow-up, track down and contact as many people as I need to for my next dream step.

And you?

What flavor is your dream? If someone asked you today to describe it, could you step up to the counter and place your order?  Are you chasing it down the street?

Here’s to a cool and creamy July, and to keeping your eyes and ears out for your dream opportunities.   Just for fun, I’m leaving you with this video on how to make ice cream in a plastic bag –

Every time you look at the ice cream, think about your dreams.

Happy cones to you.

~ Heather

Heather’s dream is to have multiple streams of income, starting with launching an e-commerce website that showcases her one-of-a-kind designer jewelry, which are crafted by her. Her newly launched sites are couture jewelry available through For Your Adornment, and Twitter background designs on Twitter And Beyond Dot Com. She also teaches Social Media tactics for business, besides being CEO of her own web design company. Heather’s post day is Thursday.

  • Heather, loved this post, and loved this question: How far and how fast would you run for your dream?

    Have to remind myself of this when I am feeling discouraged or “getting the lazies,” i.e. feeling lazy about doing much of anything (I’m more prone to this in the hot summer months actually!).

    When I hold that vision of what achieving my dream means to me – touching and changing people’s lives through my books, touring the world promoting them, being able to make a living writing about topics that are meaningful to me – and enjoying the process – WOW. I will run far and fast for that!

    This’ll remind me to write out my dream vision again of what I’m looking to create and why it is important to me…

    Hooray for ICE CREAM for so many reasons, including your post reminding me to run after my dreams!


  • Rayne

    I like this idea of thinking of your dream like ice cream. It’s actually a really good trick, because our dreams scare us. We’re afraid to go after it AND we’re afraid to fail. WE’RE AFRAID! But if we knew our dreams equal ice cream (all things good) we’d be running and screaming, shaking our hands full of dimes and nickels. HA! Personally, I’d do a lot for a Fudgesicle. I remember my dad couldn’t get us out a public pool unless he waved Fudgesicles at us. Fun post. Meaningful post!

  • Terry

    I loved ice cream trucks as a kid and Catherine’s ebook is helping me remember what it is I loved as a kid.

    What you all are doing is amazing.


  • Remy G

    oh yea and remember – re: the weather…the coldest winter ever is a summer spent in San Francisco. Friends who dont live here have a hard time understanding that…but its true!

  • Remy G

    my heart still pounds when I hear the music – its weird. We stop it when we can…sans running for now until the doctor says “go ahead and run” – I would get the “its it” – vanilla ice cream sandwich between two oatmeal cookies, dipped in chocolate. YUM.

    I know when its time to go running down the street after my dreams…when I start to feel indifferent about shooting anything – which was starting to happen after the car accident…so I grabbed the bag on Sunday and went to the zoo. That did the trick for now!

    Great post!
    Ice cream sundaes for our next 8wd meeting? I can make that happen you know.

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  • Catherine, Site Admin

    We had a bread truck that came around where you could get fresh loaves of bread and pastries.

    I loved carrying the warm loaves of bread into the house and make a peanut butter an jelly sandwich.

    Sometimes my mother would buy his donuts that were to die for and I’d eat one slowly savoring every bite because my mother did not believe in sweets.

    I know we had ice cream trucks, I just don’t remember them as much. We used to have fun making our own Popsicles out of root beer and lemonade.

    Cute metaphor for your dreams.

    July is the best month next to October ;-)


    • How perfect is that! Now… no gluten for you :) Love it!

  • Toni Schram

    My dream flavor is pralines’n’cream. A solid base of vanilla
    with sugar coated nuts. Some of my favorite flavors all wrapped up in one. Wait, this describes my personality.

    I still get a tingly feeling when I hear the ice cream truck coming.

    Here’s to paying attention to ALL opportunities to further our dreams!


    • I love pralines and cream! I like lots of flavors in one bite too… either I can’t decide, or there’s too many good things to turn down!

      Thanks Toni!