Your Dream Should Be As Big As Possible

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As a dreamer who dreams of getting a screenplay produced, last week I wrote about Anne Jordan, screenwriter, editor, creative writing and screen writing instructor and how she isn’t aware of the positive impact she has made on so many.

She has probably lost count of the vast number of people she has taught and mentored over the years.

As we sat down for the second part of my interview with her (see last week’s for the first part titled, Anne Jordan’s Secret Screenplay Advice! World Exclusive Tell-All), she asked me,

Why would you want to interview me?

There are clearly more important people.

You could interview Ellen Sandler or Victoria Wisdom, Connie Nielsen or a casting director, why me?

I told her that since I’m new to the screen writing game, I wanted to interview someone who mentors people who are just getting a start on their screen writing career.

She is a perfect candidate because she –

  • Is tirelessly working in the trenches day in day out.
  • Is a straight shooter – she tells you where your screenplay went right and where it falls short.
  • Gave my friend Laurie and me a brutally honest critique of our screenplay, Divine Intervention. Can you say major revisions will need to be made to make our script more enticing to the investors?
  • Is our biggest cheerleader.
  • Possesses a treasure trove of information.
  • Is a networking savant-she’s on Facebook with 4,626 friends.
  • Believes in herself and that trait rubs off on everyone.
  • Has the wisdom to educate herself on ALL aspects of the screen writing world.

I had a couple of questions left for Anne as we concluded our interview –

Q. Can you explain the importance of getting involved in a screenwriters group?

A. Screenwriters need to spend time with other screenwriters because:

They receive unconditional support

Every writer needs to hear constructive criticism in a positive, nurturing environment

They speak the same language

They understand the struggles a writer experiences

They network-you never know who knows who that will be able to further your career

I formed the NCS-NorCalScreenwriters to be dedicated to the education and support of screenwriters, actors and filmmakers. The group holds weekly meetings, offers basic and advanced screenwriting classes, script evaluation, script consulting and editing services.

I often assign writing exercises that are then read aloud to the group. They may include: writing a scene, description of a character or place and writing commercials.

Anne understands the importance of having your script read out loud. She will have you bring in 5-ten pages of your script and assign NCS members to read each character’s parts.

Hearing your words read can be very enlightening.

It clearly illustrates what is working and what isn’t. Members may give you some insight that never have occurred to you-hence, giving you the chance to make revisions and improving your script tenfold.

Q. Any exciting news about NCSE ’11?

A. I hope to build on the success I had with the inaugural 2010 Expo. I’ve sparked a lot of interest from new potential sponsors – influential people wanting to speak at the 2011 Expo and a new crew of eager participants.

Anne then offered me these tips:

  • Write the best script possible
  • Find a way to write a screenplay that is geared toward the target audience of 18-24 year old males
  • Older screenwriters have an edge because they have more life experiences to draw from that will create richer stories
  • Write for your investor – it all comes down to them making $$$ off your movie

She concluded our interview with –

The one thing I would want your readers to know is that the biggest problem women face is – not dreaming big enough. I find that most women think big dreams are doomed to failure.

I disagree.

I advise dreaming “bigger”. I mean, if you’re going to dream, it should be as fabulous as possible, right?

I think you can take Anne’s advice and blank out the screen writing part and replace it with your dream to see that her advice applies to all dreams, so are you dreaming BIG enough?

Creative people lead colorful lives. Anne Jordan is no exception. She knows networking is key to furthering her work.
Be sure to check her out on Twitter @NCSrocks.

I’ll be back after a brief intermission –


Toni left 8 Women Dream in November of 2010 to focus full-time on Club B and her screenplay dream.

  • Thanks so much to Anne for sharing her wisdom with all of us – and to Toni for interviewing her and making it happen!

    I absolutely loved this advice and plan to follow it: “I advise dreaming “bigger”. I mean, if you’re going to dream, it should be as fabulous as possible, right?”

    Awww yeah…. Let me sit down this week and rewrite my dream visions to make them even more fabulous! I love love love that!


  • Rayne

    I really enjoyed these two posts. It’s great that experts are giving us these great insights.

  • Remy G

    Im with Dad of 4….Imagine that world! Dreaming big, others around us dreaming big, supporting and loving..My god, where is that? Oh yea, we’re creating it one dreamer at a time! We’ll get there! R

  • Toni Schram

    Wow, what a thought Dad of 4! The idea of nurturing a child’s dreams from the get go.

    Yes, what a beautiful world it would be if people were allowed to follow their true path in life and be supported every step of the way.

  • Dad of 4

    Everyday high school seniors sit down with guidance counselors and parents to discuss their future. The counselor or parent might ask, “so, what are you interested in as a career?” The question that is rarely asked is, “what is your big dream, and how can we work together to get you started down the path to realize it?”

    I think this is where it begins – when we stop dreaming big dreams and look for a “job”.

    Imagine what we could accomplish if the world was filled with people who are actively achieving dreams, who race to their choice of profession every day with their dreams large in their hearts, as people today race for the door at quitting time.

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  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I love all the things she has to say especially, “Every writer needs to hear constructive criticism in a positive, nurturing environment” because it is very important to be able to take feedback on your dream.

    Constructive criticism has helped me make sooooo many changes for the better and work at writing with the reader in mind, which means

    – No posts over 1000 words (if so break them into two posts like you have done).

    – Use “you.”

    – Offer something of value.

    – Edit. Edit. Edit. Edit.

    – Stay on subject every week.

    – Find your tribe.

    Writing for public consumption means setting aside your ego and creating a gift they can enjoy. Otherwise the writer should leave it in their journal where no one will see it.

    Great stuff Toni –


    • Toni Schram

      It is indeed very important to be able to take that feedback and use it to greatly improve your project.

      Here’s to creating a gift the readers can enjoy.