3 Simple Ways To Believe In Your Dreamer Self

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have rock solid belief In Your Dreamer Self

When you choose to screen writing as your dream, your belief in yourself has to be be rock solid.

As impenetrable as the Wall of China.

Your self belief will constantly be tested as you navigate through the murky, shark infested waters of Hollywood.

In Blake Snyder’s book, Save the Cat! Strikes Back, he points out the many obstacles writers face in defending their profession –

No matter where you come from, what your good intentions are, or how talented you may be, when you even tell someone about the screenplay you’re working on, you will invariably get looks.

Just saying “I’m a screenwriter” begs for an “Oh yeah?!”

And the question we all hate: “Is there something you’ve written that I might have seen? The implication here is that if you were good at this, you would already have something sold and made and playing at the Cineplex. And no, telling Aunt Fern about your YouTube short, or the option by the producer who almost had something premiere at a film festival near Sundance two years ago, is not enough.

Do you believe in your dreams?

Well, do you?

If you can’t answer that question with a resounding Y E S, maybe the problem is not the dream but the dreamer.

Do you believe in yourself?

If you spend all your time minimizing your talents and calling into question your capabilities, it will seem practically impossible to believe in yourself. Since believing in yourself is such a critical part in achieving your dreams, then overcoming your doubt and disbelief is paramount to building one’s self esteem.

Here are 3 simple ways to believe in yourself –

1. Acknowledge your potential

Self-doubt is often the result of an ongoing bombardment of assumptions:

You assume you cannot succeed at your goals because you have failed with so many of them in the past. Mr. Thomas Edison would disagree with you on that assumption. Back in the day, as the story goes, Mr. Edison failed more than 1000 times when trying to create the light bulb. When asked about it, Edison allegedly said,

I have not failed 1,000 times-I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.

Your third grade music teacher told you that you didn’t have an ear for playing the violin and to stop torturing the other children with those shrill off key notes.

You grew up with toxic parents that kept pounding it into your head that you would never amount to anything.

You’ve never pushed yourself beyond your limits for fear of failure and or embarrassment.

2. Be willing to try

Even worse than making assumptions about yourself is when you don’t even TRY to do something to better yourself.

You need to make a pledge to yourself to give everything you do your best effort.

3. Prove it to yourself

If you really want to shatter your illusions of inability, take a sheet of paper and make a list of all the things you believe you cannot do. They may be small or big things. Even the smallest of triumphs will give you the confidence for the next occasion when you are faced with a goal or challenge.

The goal is to go slightly beyond your comfort level but not to overwhelm and sabotage yourself in the process. By pushing these boundaries, you give yourself permission to grow and gain a better sense of self.

What you think about yourself dictates where you will go and what you will do in this life.

Motivational speaker Brian Tracy tells us,

Whatever you believe becomes your reality.

What reality are you believing? With a new found sense of believing in yourself, you can get out there and chase those dreams into submission. If you don’t, you only have yourself to blame.

And I won’t be coming to your pity party.

Do you have any insights into helping others believe in themselves?

If you do, spill . . .


Toni left 8 Women Dream in November 2010 to work full-time on Club B and her screenplay.

  • Toni Schram

    You were blessed with a mighty fine Dad. I bet he was your saving grace…

  • Rayne

    My dad always used to say, “Somebody gets to play for the New York Yankees — why NOT you?!”

  • Heather, the e-commerce builder

    In my reality the sky is purple! Oh, REALITY reality.

    I totally agree that getting to the point where you can look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth – daily – is a huge step.

    I’m not saying I do that… but its a goal!

    Thanks for the great post – as always! – Heather

  • Remy G

    You are such a creative force in all that you do – such a powerful gift you have. “whatever you believe becomes your reality” – ah, I love Brian Tracy. But damn it if it isn’t so true! In relationships, if you focus on what isn’t working, you get more of what isn’t working. Ask both of my ex husbands about that.

    Following dreams is just another way to practice that – the power is within each of us to create what we want – and as you said, asking for help is essential (admitting we need support is an awesome first step :)

    You are wonderful! Rem

  • Toni Schram

    Lisa-Thanks for sharing your strategies for keeping self-doubt at bay. I’m envisioning the 8womendream
    team strutting our stuff down the red carpet!

    Cath-Aye, aye captain, I’m going to honor the voice in my head that tells me that I can and not what I can’t do.

    V-Hope this helps with the man searching!

    Mariska-I need to heed the beginning of that quote and
    wipe the second part away from my consciousness. This quote is one I will save. Thanks!

  • Mariska Smith

    I also believe in Act “as if… “. This in itself is an act of creativity — you are creating a persona that will soon be matched with action. Feel the confidence in your body, relive empowered moments and apply their energy to the present. “If you pay nervous attention to other people’s opinions, maneuver to obtain their indulgence and to stand high in their esteem, you will be whisked about in their winds and you will lose yourself.”
    — Jo Coubert -Mariska

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  • Veronica

    That not only applies to screenwriting but to “man searching”, deep sea fishing, going to school, etc….I am definately on your page.

  • Catherine

    Lisa you are right about the meditation helping. It seems to calm that childhood voice that tells you it won’t work etc.

    Toni – great post.

    Rayne gave me some great advice yesterday on doing the things your procrastinate on (like finishing my ebook). SHe told me to stop looking at it as work and look at it as fun, or a vacation where I get to sit and write my ebook. Imagine I am at the beach – or whatever place is lovely to me.

    It completely changed my perception of the voice that was nagging me to get it done. And it was once again a reminder to change that voice inside our head that keeps us from our dreams.


  • Toni, I LOVE THIS POST! Came at the perfect moment for me too. It’s been one of my lifelong struggles for sure… I’m confident in so many ways, and also have my (many!) moments of self-doubt.

    For me the strategies that seem to help include:

    1) surrounding myself with people who believe in me helps me to keep the faith when I lose it temporarily for some reason… So, being a part of this Website is important to me, having a BFF who adores me, touching base with other writers who are going through the same struggles, etc . etc…

    2) meditation for me is essential for me to train my mind to be more quiet so that I don’t let the little crazy voices in my head ;) (the thoughts of fear and self-doubt and blah-blah-blah that can run all day otherwise!) take control… I still meditate daily, or do my best to do so… I rarely miss a day and meditate for 1/2 hour in the mornings. it’s a Godsend.

    3) letting others inspire me – when I doubt myself, I sometimes turn to an inspiring book or Website and remind myself that if someone else could make this happen, I can too… Why not?! We all have gifts and abilities and those who make it happen believe in themselves enough to just DO it too….

    I believe in YOU girl! Go out there and get that screenplay sold so we can come to the Hollywood premiere! ;) I wanna walk the red carpet! ;)