Follow These Tips When Dream Setbacks Occur

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When Dream Setbacks Occur

Last month I had to deal with some dream setbacks. This can really get a dreamer down. But to stay down is not the Laurie you’ve grown to love – right?

I mean, please!

So I’ve searched the Internet for some dream advice to pick you up when you’ve experienced setbacks in your dream lives.

Here’s Marcia Wieder discussing sharing our dreams, gaining clarity and building your dream support system like we have done on 8 Women Dream.

To become clear on your dream Marcia advises that you imagine yourself in your dream – not where you are now – but actually living the dream.

Then ask yourself the following questions –

1. What are you doing?

2. Where are you doing it?

3. Who is with you? Are you alone? Is it someplace international?

4. What are you creating or accomplishing in this dream?

5. How do you look and feel?

Getting these details on paper create clarity and help you tell people about your dream.

Once you are clear about your dream, begin to build your dream support system by –

1. Identifying your compelling reason for doing this dream.

2. Finding a powerful way to share your story.

3. Being clear about where you need help and who can assist you.

4. Recognizing who might be a one-time helper or an on-going helper.

5. Setting up a system for continual support and accountability.

6. Keeping your eyes open for fabulous people who can help you with your dream.

I’d like to add: tell people when you are feeling defeated and what you need to get back on your dream horse. Let people help you with your dream.

I’ll leave you with the words of the rapper Common “I have A Dream” –

The world’s seen me lookin’ in the mirror,
Images of me, gettin’ much clearer,
Dear Self, I wrote a letter just to better my soul,
If I don’t express it then forever I’ll hold, inside
I’m from a side where we out of control,
Rap music in the ‘hood played a fatherly role,
My story’s like yours, yo it gotta be told,
Tryna make it from a gangsta to a godlier role,
Read scrolls and stow slaves,
And Jewish people in cold cage,
Hate has no color or age, flip the page,
Now my rage became freedom,
Writin’ dreams in the dark, they far but I can see ’em,
I believe in Heaven more than Hell,
Blessings more than jail,
In the ghetto let love prevail,
With a story to tell, my eyes see the glory and well,
The world waitin’ for me to yell “I Have a Dream”

What do you do when you experience dream setbacks?

Do you keep on dreamin?

Big Love,


Laurie has several amazing dreams going on in her life at this time. She left 8 Women Dream in November of 2010 to devote herself to Club B and her NIA business.

  • I really really love these steps and questions, Laurie, and am going to freewrite around all of this this week… Thanks for the inspiration!

    And HOORAY for road trips, especially with the one you love. That rocks!!!

    Have FUNNNN…


  • Rayne

    There is no forward movement without a few setbacks. Dreams are like the cha-cha. Few steps up; a few steps back. The main thing is don’t lose the beat.

  • Laurie

    Thanks everyone…I am in Hardin Montana, then off to Cody WY and the Yellowstone Inn. Miss you all, and Ca greens especially.
    Big Love, Laurie

  • We have been looking for the perfect getaway, reading this post I think we should drive to the Columbia River. Thanks!

  • Remy, the photographer

    Thanks for this Laurie…cause some times I forget the who what where kinds of questions….helps me get back on track. Glad you are enjoying your trip

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Love her.

    I am going to have to complete those 6 questions in my journal one night this week and see where it takes me.

    Then yell “I Have a Dream”