Dating Dreams: The 15 Best Ways To Meet Men

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Free Golf: 15 Best Ways To Meet MenThis post is to help any of you who might have the same dream of meeting Mr. (or Ms) Right. Here are my thoughts about how we can meet Mr. Right.

The 15 best ways to meet men?

1. The Grocery Store.

There are some really nice grocery stores in Petaluma, California (where I live). To meet men it is best to go grocery shopping late on a Friday or Saturday evening. I read that this is when single men gather supplies for the weekend. I could always ask one to reach something for me off a top shelf . . .

2. The Gym.

I do belong to a gym in Petaluma. Going to the heavy lifting area would be a good place to start. I could always ask for help with working out a problem area of my body and asking what lifting might do for that region. . . ?
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3. Home Depot or Lowes.

We have both these stores near me, but I am not sure if a man really likes to be bothered when he is buying products to fix a problem at home. I might have better luck taking one of their workshops like Concrete Patch & Repair or Deck Installation & Repair . . . I think these classes scream men. This is a possibility.

4. A Steak House.

There’s Cattlemen’s; Stormy’s Spirits and Supper; and McNears Restaurant and Bar in Petaluma. But I am not sure exactly how a woman meets a guy in a steakhouse. I mean, aren’t they sitting having their dinner and then leaving? I suppose I could trip and fall on his table . . . but getting in the way of a man’s steak is never a good idea. Maybe if we 8 dreamers went out for dinner there . . .

5. Online.

There’s and I’ve tried online dating in the past without success. I just don’t know about this one. Every time I watch one of those eHarmony commercials I want to get up and slap the people in them.
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6. Volunteering.

There’s the Petaluma Bounty a nonprofit working to create a sustainable food system in Petaluma with healthy fresh food for everyone. This could be right up there with my eat healthy lifestyle . There’s also the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County. Volunteering could be a great way to meet a great guy. This is a possibility.

7. The Local Apple Store.

Unfortunately the local Apple store isn’t so local where I live. There’s one north of here in the Santa Rosa Plaza and another one south of me in Corte Madera. But does the guy I might want to meet really go into a Mall – even if it is for Apple products? I thought Malls were like kryptonite to men. If I was going to do this, wouldn’t the local Best Buy work just as well; or are Apple men friendlier, into mochas and like shopping malls? I don’t know about this one. It might make for a fun outing with the girls though.

8. Pursuing Hobbies.

This way of meeting men makes the most sense to me unless of course your hobby is knitting or quilting. Hobbies are a great way to meet men – if – the men happen to be into your same hobby. I enjoy walking . . . wow that just sounds like the beginning sentence to a bad personal ad. But I think taking a cooking class at the local Junior College might work too. There’s culinary classes at The Petaluma Junior College, like Cooking for One being offered 8/23/2010 – 10/18/2010 (there’s got to be men in this class).
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9. Comedy Classes.

I have no idea if there are comedy classes available in Sonoma County. I do want a man with a sense of humor. The Cinnabar Theater here in Petaluma accepts volunteers . . . sometimes they have comedies. This is a hard choice for where I live.

10. Sports Events.

To go to SF for a major sporting event is costly and time consuming and chances are I could meet someone who lives several hours away, but with baseball season upon us, I might be able to find some local events to attend with friends. I know sports bars are great, but since I haven’t consumed alcohol in over 17 years, I don’t think a sports bar is the right fit for me. There is Infineon Raceway just over the hill from me . . .

11. Car and Boat Shows.

I would probably need to watch the local fairground events for when these type of functions come around. I went to the Sonoma County Fairgorounds event page and found quite a few interesting functions I can attend.

12. Church Functions.

This is more difficult because I don’t attend a regular service. I am a spiritual person. Maybe watch for interesting events at a local church. I know people rave about the New Vintage Church in Santa Rosa and they do have a New Series Titled, Falling Staying In Love. Is this a sign?
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13. Meetup Groups.

There is a NorthBay Hiking Club Meetup (which gets back to that hobby way to meet men); the Sunset Hiking Club (adding a little ambiance to the mix); Krikkit’s Walking Meetup, a woman who likes to bring people together for fun; and Body, Mind, Spirit, Earth. Really great stuff. All you have to do is go to and look for things you love to do in your area. This is definitely doable.

14. The Driving Range.

Is the driving range 56 practice tees still open on Stony point Road in Petaluma? I know their website is down. There’s also the Sonoma Mountain Golf Range‎ on the corner of East Cotati and Petaluma Hill Road. I’d have to borrow someone’s clubs, but again this might be fun to do with some friends.

15. Outdoor Food or Music Festivals.

All you have to do is Google “food and music festivals” along with the town you want to stay near to find a list of fun events to attend over the summer. The Novato Festival of Art, Wine and Music is coming up June 12; Legends at Bennett Valley Golf Course begins their Grilling & Chilling events with live music every Thursday and Friday night from 6-9pm throughout the summer (I bet there are men here); and the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market. These are doable too.

Although Practical Dating Advice featured below in this video offers up the argument that I should be willing to talk with men where ever I am at – even if it is the DMV – instead of worrying about putting myself where I feel men might be. I don’t know, like many things – it’s a numbers game.

Where do you think the best places are to meet men?


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  • gwen

    Only 15?

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  • Remy G

    meetup has been awesome to meet people in general. Hey its maybe who you meet, or those who you meet’s brother. Lilke they have said, keep your heart and mind open. And dont settle. Have a great vaca and if you wanna join our meetup we’d love to have you.

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  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I’m tired just thinking about it . . . lol.

    I like the idea of cooking classes at the Petaluma campus of the Santa Rosa Junior College or one of those hiking Meetup groups. I know Remy loves her Photography Meetup group.

    Bookstores are good places too. I’ve chatted with quite a few men at the local Borders and the Starbucks within that Borders. I like men who love to read so the conversations are always fun.

    I’d suggest the Flamingo but the bar/nightclub scene is not where you’s want to meet a man since you do not drink. But I do know it’s a great place to meet single men over 40 in Sonoma County.

    There’s also Facebook, since you do have an account. . .

    Just thinking about it makes me shudder! lol Better you than me. Glad I like my situation.

    Enjoy your vacation!


  • Toni Schram

    Mexico is a place that will really “take you away”. Ole!

    Keep your eyes peeled. You never know who will be sitting next to you on the plane or walking by you as you’re absorbed in your book on the beach.

    Be receptive to love. Ask and you will receive.

    Enjoy your vaca!