Female Rapper Believes You Have Always Known Your Dream

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NWA always knew their dream

I know that most women my age don’t study the lessons of hard-core rap group NWA but I do.

The NWA documentary is heavy duty and has a real heartfelt message: Don’t burn bridges with people you love. Dr. Dre and Easy E were ground-breaking in the rap movement. They laid down their stories of police brutality and all the horrors of the Compton hoods. Then they got famous and went their separate ways.

They had a hard core gangster type beef with one another all due to ego-based conflict. Then . . . Easy E died of Aids. To see big old Dr. Dre speak of that with such sadness wears me out. I watch it every once in a while.

They basically let their dreams rip them apart.

Chasing your dreams is just one piece of the pie. Are you going to be a whole person when you get there?

On the Feminine Power web site, I came across a quote that I had to admit was true.

Never before have we, as women been holding so much power to shape the future.

Paradoxically, studies show that we’ve never been more unhappy.

I know so many women on anti-depressants. Now I have to pull an Oprah and say this is what I know for sure. You can’t be happy living a life that isn’t authentic.

Much of this comes from trying to achieve our dreams in a masculine paradigm.

It’s time to get your pretty out and wear it. While you are going for your dream remember to employ your feminine wiles!

I want to share a rap prayer with you.

Dear God, Goddess and the powers that be
Please protect, guide and watch over me
So I can do what needs to be done
Because I know in my heart I’m the only one
Who can divine intuitively
From the river of infinite possibility

Sometimes I just close my eyes and go back to my little girl-self, and all the dreams I had.

It’s a nice place to go.

Is there something there you remember that you loved doing – loved being?  Is there an activity that you got lost in where you would play for hours and hours and would become annoyed when you had to stop?  There’s information there – in those childhood activities that you love.  Dreamer Catherine thinks it there in your past where your dream lies.

She believes that you have always known your dream.

What is the dream buried deep inside of you that you have always known?

Are you working on it now?


Laurie has several amazing dreams going on in her life at this time. She left 8 Women Dream in November of 2010 to focus on Club B and her NIA business.

  • Rayne

    My reference point on this topic is old school – James Brown – who sang “It’s a man’s world – but it don’t mean nuthin without a woman or a girl.”

  • Toni Schram

    I envision floating down the river of infinite possibility in a large canoe commandeered by two hunky oarsmen. C’mon, it is a possibility!

  • Laurie Allen

    You can enter the contest by submitting your answer on the 8womendream comment page area. DO IT!

  • marilyn m

    where the contest??

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    lol oh Remy. You are the sweetest thing and I remember your pretty when Ray was taking your photographs at Heather’s that night.

    But I hear you.

  • Laurie Allen

    who knew that 8 women dream would have a gang map link on their site?

  • Remy, the photographer

    I think there were a lot of drugs involved in this story, more than dreams tearing friends apart. It’s not unusual for people to separate in their 20s from childhood friends. You go in different directions. Add money, women and drugs to the mix and anything can happen.

    Get my pretty out? It’s been so long since I felt pretty. I’ll have to work on that! thanks for the laugh and link! and I think “lastminutemutha” rolls right off the tongue. Rem

  • Laurie Allen

    What? Are you spying on me? Last night at 10 pm, I’m goin’ o.k. bitch time to post! T-bone made up that jingle. She’s so funny. My rap name should be Lastminutemutha. I love the group analogy you laid out.
    BOOYEA! Laurie

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Gerard M Blair said, “In the beginning, God made an individual – and then he made a pair. The pair formed a group, together they beget others and thus the group grew. Unfortunately, working in a group led to friction, the group disintegrated in conflict and Cain settled in the land of Nod – there has been trouble with groups ever since.”


    But what Dr Dre and NWA went through were very typical group dynamics, but because it was based on their experiences in the hood they didn’t know how to fix them.

    Scholars view the development of a group as having four stages:

    1. Forming – the stage when the group first comes together.
    2. Storming – the stage when all Hell breaks loose and the leaders are lynched.
    3. Norming – the stage when everyone recognize the merits of working together and the in-fighting subsides.
    4. Performing – the when the group has settled on a system which allows free and frank exchange of views and a high degree of performance.

    Unfortunately no one ever helped them understand what was happening to them was normal. It was about the normal dynamic of their group.

    Love the post and the audio.

    I laughed so hard when I played it. Thanks so much for that last night at 10:30. I am imagining that you pull all this kind of stuff out of thin air in a matter of minutes.

    I’d love to hear the raps.