Funny Video: Moms Influence on Boys

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get your big girl panties on mom!

Where am I on my dream to becoming a known rapper? Well, I’m sitting here in pain from my root canal and I am thinking about motherhood. It seems motherhood doesn’t stop – or family crap doesn’t stop because mom is in pain.

You know how it goes. Just as you sit your ass down to relax, you hear “Mom?”

We’re a uterus with loving hands everyone wants to be touched by, and in the end we need to remember to take care of ourselves. There’s got to be a rap in this somewhere. My dear sisters in dreaming, these pain pills and dentist drills have kicked my butt.

This is going to be a short dream post. I think you will forgive me this one transgression. I am totally out of whack, but not too much to give you a laugh. If you think our mom BS goes in one ear and out the other, then watch this video and see how it all comes out in the end.

All hail the mom Goddess for our kids being out on their own.

Gotta love these boys. They’ll make you laugh.

I’ll take this as proof they’re listening.

Just make sure you are still making space in your mom life to work on your dream.

In spite of your family.


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  • Thanks Scott and thank goodness for dentists.
    Blessings, Laurie

  • Good stuff. I love reading blogs other than dental reports from my full time career as a dentist.

  • Tom Molinaro

    Great article. I’m regular visitor of your website – keep up the good work, and I will be a regular for a very long time.

  • Funny. Just like my sons :-P

  • jo

    i look forward to reading your humor each week with my scone and latte. you start off my week. thanks for the laughs, jo

  • Feel better and heal fast Laurie!!! Loved the graphic (“put on your big girl panties…”) ;)


  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I know that feeling. When I got home from the Bay To Breakers yesterday, I passed out to sleep. My son was also napping so the house had this nice quiet feel to it. About an hour into my deep sleep, I am awakened by “Mom?” It’s my son hovering over me. “Are you awake?”

    Um, I am now. And doing my post after such a day was a butt kicker, so I hear ya.

    Feel better soon. Somehow I am managing to walk today. ;-)