Ex Husband Describes Dreamer As A Fart In A Windstorm

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fart in a windstorm

Honey you are a fart in a windstorm . . .

Meaning my ex-husband thought I had so many things going on and never anything to show for it. I hate to admit it, but I now know, he was on to something. However, those farts turned out to be the little stepping stones needed to put me on the path to achieving my dreams.

I have been running an organizationcalled Club B, off and on for many years now with my best friend Laurie. We’ve given so much of our blood, sweat and tears to putting on so many benefits.  During every event, we’ve coordinated the entertainment portion with the acts being performed by fellow Club B members.

We’ve ALWAYS entertained the crowds with our own dance routines and the women would insist we perform Laurie’s Bitch Rap.

Yeah, we were able to raise some money to help obtain counseling for women with breast cancer.  It wasn’t a tremendous amount of money and we weren’t sure if we should be put our energies elsewhere. But we continued to put on these events. And we would ask ourselves over and over again,

Why do we keep doing this?

Are we still following the right stepping stones to our dream?

Laurie, Marilyn (Laurie’s sister) and I wrote a screenplay called, “Divine Intervention” (this is the screenplay we’ve been trying to get seen) in 2004-05. We even entered it in a few screenplay contests.  It did make it into the Page International Screenwriting Contest quarter finals. But nothing really happened after that.

Note to self: If you’re not going pimp it out, it won’t get seen and that means it won’t get made.

Our lives took a turn inwards focusing on: families, a disabled son, divorce, the death of both of our mothers, lawyers, a son in rehab and work. We took a long, much needed break.

The dream would have to wait, like so many other things in life.

Laurie and I renewed our allegiance to Club B in 2009. We were looking for a different cause to benefit. Laurie came upon a wonderful organization, Women For Women International.  We sponsored a woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Alphonsine Nyirahabimana Banzira, who is getting the education and work skills needed to support her family and pay it forward to her community.

And as we put more and more energy out in the universe with our hopes and dreams, we’ve been blessed.

For fifteen years now, Laurie has been compelled to write raps and it has inspired an idea for another screenplay, “Club Bitch.”  Ah, is this another dream in the making?  There has been a lot of interest in the concept of this movie. We just haven’t written it yet. We’ve been quite busy working with Piero, the music producer and recording Club Bitch.

If you can’t ride two horses at once, you don’t belong in the circus.

Even though, we’ve been juggling so many things lately, we’ve still questioned ourselves. Laurie was given some sage advice from her nutritionist.

She heard about our desire to get the rap recorded. She introduced us to Piero, her boyfriend. Wow! She also heard about our new screenplay. She told us to write up a treatment. She knows some people in the business. She’s a great motivator because she keeps after us to do all the necessary work.

A fine example of gifts from the universe.

And when we still hesitate to fully believe, she told Laurie, “You’re doing it.”

“Doing it?” Laurie asked. “Yeah, doing those things you need to do to accomplish your dreams.”

Maybe what she really means is that, we’re two farts in a windstorm.

It’s best always to:

1. Follow your heart no matter how crazy a dream may seem

2. Recapture your childlike enthusiasm when pursuing your dream

3. Envision one of your dreams developing into one after the other

4. Keep your eyes peeled for those gifts from the universe (i.e. connections, chance meetings of people that can help you) you’ve been asking for when you continue putting out all that positive energy towards your dream

Are you pursuing more than one dream? If so, how do you keep it organized?

Or is your dream just another fart in a windstorm?

Toni left 8 women Dream to work on her screenplay and focus on Club B.

  • Toni Schram

    You know that date guy would find his butt smack dab
    on the Bitter Bus! We could have taken care of him for you.
    Laughter keeps me sane. I think…

    If I ever wanted to photograph a lit fart and needed your services, what would we need? A CONTRACT! LOL

    It is true that when Laurie and I are wheeling, little gifts
    seem to present themselves in the most unique ways.
    And yes, I keep on dreaming!

    Veronica-I want you to know that no one in that photograph was harmed during filming.

    Lynn’s garden- Since we really are such good jugglers, I’m surprised more women haven’t run off and joined the circus.

  • Lynn’s garden

    Too funny!! As women we have to be able to juggle more than one thing, even our dreams and aspirations. It just takes longer to get there because we are doing everything else in the family unit without much help. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Veronica

    The photo tops all!

  • T-bone

    you’re awesome! every little step is important… glad to be a part of the organization!

    Love you guys,


  • Ditto what Remy said that you and Laurie bring incredible energy and spirit and joy to the group – soooo thrilled you are a part of it!

    Loved your dreaming tips, and this is one of my faves: “Keep your eyes peeled for those gifts from the universe.” It’s so amazing how things will align for us in the wildest, most improbable ways (ah, synchronicity!) when we are in motion on our dreams… I could write a book about those instances alone in my life.

    Keep on dreaming! I agree with Laurie’s nutritionist- You ARE doing it. :) You go!


  • Remy G

    It is wrong to laugh so hard this early in the morning. If there is to be more farting (especially ones you want to lite on fire) please allow me the honor to shoot it. I can honestly say, never done that before – what a great challenge. I agree with Cath, what an incredible joy and energy surge you and Laurie and Rayne have given the group…and i do have a few dreams running at the same time – how do I keep them organized? I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about keeping them organized/separated. Hmm, thought for the day. Thank you! Rem

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    LOL I love your ex’s saying. I always use “BB in a tin can” to describe the same thing.

    Just remember in that Club Bitch play you have to have the redhead who never manages to get out the door on her dates because something always goes horribly wrong.

    When it finally seems she is going out on a date without a hitch, she runs past her bitch friends to answer the door. The date guy says, “Hi wow! How are you? Are you pregnant?” She shuts the door in his face, turns around and walks past her sister bitches and grabs a bottle of wine.

    The bitches never stop talking – as if it isn’t anything new.


    Because we know that actually happened.

    My gifts from the universe were you and Laurie finally agreeing to write here, which has our readership growing and growing.

    I owe you more than I can say.

    Not to mention it feels so good to laugh with you again.