How Do I Become A Published Writer

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On starting my dream of writing a book – how do I get to the beginning?

I feel like am standing before that sign with the map.  You know, that one with the giant ‘YOU ARE HERE’ next to the big red arrow pointing to a marked spot. Unfortunately this is the map of my dream and the ‘HERE’ spot is at the very bottom edge of the map, not really even on the map, and there isn’t a highway, a road or even a trail to jump on.

What have I been doing to achieve my dream?  Well, nothing.  That’s the problem.  I had two assignments to complete before our next meeting, just two.  It has been over 5 weeks and I have completed neither.  Oh I could use my trip as an excuse – or the fact that I have been sick – or combine them, but an excuse is all it would be and I know that. When we were traveling I felt as though I could do anything, write anything, be anything. I felt as though I had tapped into some part of me that had so much to say and knew just how to say it. I was sure that I would be completing not only my assignments but much more by our next meeting.

I felt strong about who I am and what I want. I felt empowered and maybe even had a moment when I felt, well, excuse me, but I felt smart. I was owning confidence, possessing self assurance and knowledge.  I am not sure who that person was that seemed to invade my being as I was traveling around but I wish she would come back. I kind of liked her. I have seen her before she just doesn’t come around very often. I really wish I knew the super secret chant to get her to come back and stay.

Am I whining?

I feel like I am whining and complaining about things I should have the power to control. Am I trying to blame some unseen but enlightened entity? I was going to say no, but maybe I am. I don’t seem to have the strength or energy to keep that person around for very long.  I get tired and all of this makes me wonder if I am even doing the right thing. Will I ever have the drive to get to my destination? Is it even the right destination? Am I wasting everyone’s time? How do other people do it?

How do you get motivated to work on your dream?


Dawnda’s dream was to get some piece of writing published in 2009.  She left the 8 Women Dream group in 2009 to focus on finding full-time employment.  We consider her an accomplished dreamer as she published her thoughts here and began her own scary stories blog at  She ultimately opened a mobile restaurant and now makes pork for pork loving fans around Sonoma County California.

  • Catherine, the writer and motivator

    Remember thyroid thinking? you may want to check with your Doctor about upping your dose. You were stress-free on the trip… stress adds to our thyroid problems … it may be something as simple as that…

  • D – this is the part where you get to look back and go “look how far I’ve come”. In the meantime, give yourself a break, don’t dwell on the “woulda, coulda” and it’s the little steps along the way that add up.

    – H

  • KB


    Of course, you’re on the right track. You wouldn’t be questioning everything if you weren’t. You won’t become her. You already are her.