Destined To Do Freaky And Pay Good Money For It

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The road to being a famous mom rapper takes many a detour as I make a living to financially support my dreams. Right now I can’t think. I just finished day 2 of my NIA Blue Belt. There is 50 people in my training and 3 men. I don’t mean men aren’t people, it’s just always like that with NIA.

Today we had to do a relationship-to-the-music exercise. We had to listen to music for ourselves, then respond to the music, then perform (so to speak) for an audience.


You know I sign up for this stuff, then realize it’s (H E L L O O O O O O) totally hard and out of my comfort zone. I’ve done this my whole life and I still wonder why.

I’ll never forget making my Mama go with me to some house in Sebastopol, California to do a hippie, Goddess gathering of some sort. Even then, at maybe 19, I was destined to do freaky dream shit and pay good money for it.

Maybe it’s a spiritual quest of some sort.

I probably should have just done mushrooms and skipped the humiliation. Anyway, Haze (my Mama) and I are at this hippie chicks house and she says we need to lay on the floor curled up. When the music starts, we are to unfold like a flower.


I look over at my Mama and she’s all humped over, swinging her arms back and forth like a crazed circus elephant. I note she resembles nothing like an opening flower. I catch her eye and we both go hilariously helpless.

We were asked to leave.

Anyway, I’m getting in bed and resting my calves that feel like someone smacked them with a bat – repeatedly. I actually love it. I’m just looking for some sympathy.

To give you some idea what I do, what I teach and how I make my sisters get up and move check this out –

Go to What an awesome workout and so much more. At least I will be able to move in my rap videos.

What kind of freaky have your done for your dreams?

Did you drag your mother along?


Laurie has several amazing dreams going on in her life at this time. She left 8 Women Dream in November 2010 to focus on Club B and her NIA business.

  • H

    Your NIA classes are the best! And your posts are hilarious!

  • Veronica

    Hey my friend, you are absolutely too funny for words and yes I too enjoy you sharing your amazing life. I am one of those people who go OUCH to the F..K…park of a story. It is a part of your story and I love you….

    Are you taking your sexy ass to bay to breakers and doing the deed? Can’t wait to see you, life has been upside down lately can’t wait for it to straighten out.

    love ya girlie…..

  • EdnaZ

    Thank you for sharing your amazing life. I am grateful for anything that helps me keep going. : )

  • Toni Schram

    I had a major detour on Saturday, fellow rapper. Things are straightening out, so to speak.

    I love the Hazeisms you share with us. We want more!

    Nia~the real deal~some of the best core work for anybody.

  • Terry

    Laurie you are just too damn funny for words.

  • Congrats on doing things that push your edges Laurie… That’s all part of living the dream…

    And anything that involves dancing and movement = good in my book (I’m a dance addict…)

    And yup, as you said, you’ll be able to shake it in the rap video… NEED BACK-UP DANCERS BTW? I’m your girl! ;)

    Sending love from NJ, where I am now! xo Lis

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  • E Kennedy

    Now all we need here is a picture of you curled up like a flower saying, “F U C K”.

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Funny, this is how we feel after taking your class ;-)

    We missed you on Saturday,

    I still can’t answer that question – this concerns me.

    Thanks for the laugh – Cath

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